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Desde el año 2002 nuestra escuela investiga y promueve un acercamiento orgánico de la práctica del yoga. Exploramos e impartimos un yoga integral de orientación terapéutica adaptado a las necesidades de cada persona. Ofrecemos sesiones individuales, clases colectivas y formación avalada internacionalmente por American Yoga Alliance. Los valores de nuestra práctica son: fuerza, flexibilidad, estabilidad, creatividad y salud. Si quieres más información echa un vistazo a nuestra web. También puedes llamar al 91 310 51 81.

Our Method

The Integral Yoga that we practice is a modern synthesis of the traditional methods. The different yoga techniques are combined and adapted to each person in order to obtain greater benefits. There are many different forms of approaching the practice as persons and moments. In all the sessions we adapt each exercise to the level of each student. Yoga is a dynamic process of personal development, a practical propose of interior encounter. Yoga gives us strength and physical and mental flexibility.

We work with

  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Breathing and Relaxation techniques
  • Strengthening and stretching exercises
  • Integral method of meditation

We propose

  • Tailor-made individual sessions
  • Collective and small group sessions
  • Workshops and seminars during the weekends
  • Therapeutic and relaxing massage
  • Audio-visual support material

We offer

  • Quality of education
  • Personalized attention
  • Flexible schedules
  • Benefits for members and youth (Carné Joven of the Community of Madrid)


It’s all about feeling good and attitude while we move. We gain strength by implementing techniques and values that describe the discipline of Yoga. A proper breathing, alignment and attitude will guide us towards the discovery of what best fits our practice. We have more energy than we think and therefore we must learn to channel it correctly. Our will is then available for understanding. The methodology of organic yoga comes from the understanding of the natural laws and the flow with them. We feel safe when there is a community that values our personal skills and helps us to cultivate them. The breathing techniques teach us how to use our energy.


We rely in life that continues and changes constantly. Flexibility is the natural complement of strength. It’s the result of a physical and mental learning process of adaptation to the environment. Push-ups, extensions and hatha yoga bows that give resistance to the spine. The asanas train us to face the real world.

Mental Clarity

As much as you think about it, we are what we are. The active listening of silence allows us to perceive with increasing clarity our constant internal dialogue. Our subtle perception of the transitory and the eternal reveals the element that was obscuring our vision. All the answers are inside/within you. The meditation techniques awake our innate techniques.


We discover our place when we find our true form of expression. Being creative is being free. There are (as many people) as valuable ways to understanding and applying Yoga. Learn from your sensations and emotions in order to adapt the practice to your opportunities. Be open-minded and transform your expectations. The individual sessions are a constant and ongoing discovery.


Everything makes sense when we integrate everything that was dispersed. Life is a constant balance of complementary values: rest and action, meditation and emotion, giving and receiving. Accept that everything that exists is connected and responds to the natural cycles of manifestation and dissolution. The outcome of our work is a healthier lifestyle.

Integral Yoga

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