Welcome to yogaorganico.org

Since 2002 our school investigates and promotes the organic approach to the practice of yoga. We explore and teach a comprehensive, therapeutic-based yoga adapted to the needs of each person. We offer classes held individually or in groups, and training supported by the American Yoga Alliance. Our school is part of the State Federation of training entities of Yoga. The values in our practice are: strength, flexibility, balance, creativity and health.
For further information, have a look at our web site. You can also call at 91 310 51 81.

The comprehensive yoga that we practice, is a modern synthesis of the traditional methods. The different techniques of yoga are combined and adapted to the practitioner to obtain the greatest benefits. There are as many ways of practising as people and moments. The starting point is acknowledging and accepting our needs as well as our own limits. In every session we adapt the exercises to the practitioner´s level. Yoga is a a dynamic process of personal growth, a practical proposal to our inner encounter. Yoga provides us with strength and flexibility regarding physical and mental states.

We are specialised in:

  • Therapeutic Yoga.
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises.
  • Comprehensive method of meditation.

We propose:

  • Individual sessions adapted to the practitioner.
  • Collective sessions and small groups.
  • Training workshops and seminars.
  • Therapeutic and relaxing massage.
  • Support audiovisual material.

We offer:

  • Teaching quality.
  • Personalized assistance.
  • Flexibility in our timetable.
  • Advantages for our members and Comunidad de Madrid youth card.

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Extra collective sessions: 13 Euros (1 hour)
Monthly, quarterly voucher, and other payments, consult us.

Individual sessions…. Request an appointment

  • If you have never practiced yoga, we teach you the basic things that you need to know before joining collective classes.

  • If you are a yoga practitioner, you can check your practice. We analyse your difficulties, needs and goals.

  • If you want to go deeper in your personal process you can also learn about the therapeutic application in the comprehensive yoga. We teach you to take the yoga techniques to any aspect of your life.

And classes at home:

  • If you want to practice yoga at home or in the office, we send you a professional in our team.

Ask for information without any obligation at 913195181. You can leave us your message.


We have more resources than what we think. We become strong by making use of the the techniques and values of yoga. We feel strong when we appreciate and train our personal skills. By calming down our true character we can use the energy we have in a better way and let things flow naturally.

Clear Mind

Meditation techniques develop our capacity of emotional and mental management. Silence calms our nerve system and develops our capacity for inner active listening. The techniques of mental yoga are a direct knowledge tool to our psychological processes.


Flexibility balances our strength in a natural way. Becoming flexible is the result of a physical and mental learning to adapt to the environment. The extensions, flexing exercises, lateral bows and torsions in hatha yoga, teach us the way to be in the world not losing our integrity or leaving our own core.


Feeling free to explore the unknown to leave the rule and appreciate what we have; losing our fear to be wrong and be open to learn. Opening our minds and changing our expectations. There are as many valuable ways to understand and use yoga as people. Let´s find ours.


Being conscious of when is the right time to get active or rest, to go out to the world or go home; when it is proper to give or receive. Not taking unnecessary risks, taking care of ourselves, doing things today better than tomorrow even if it is a big effort. Stretching and strengthen our bodies, training our mental abilities and nurturing satisfactory friendships. Studying, putting things in order and enjoying. Sharing, respecting and learning. Accepting the mistake, recognising what is positive and keeping on walking. All this is yoga.